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Buyer: Charles E.

I am back, and this time i am buying 3 more of these really cool

Midget Racers, especially duting this super sale, i saved alot by

buying here.

I will...Be back again, count on it!!!


Oh, I noticed they also sell on Ebay but the prices are much 

higher because of those darn fee's Ebay charges, so from now

on I am buying directly from their online store here,

www.HajeksHobbys.com (MTH-BUTTONS-TRAINS-PINS.COM)







Buyer: Charles E.

I am back, and this time i am buying 3 more of these really cool

Midget Racers, especially duting this super sale, i saved $30 on

each car!!! With prices and quality this awesome, i will...

Be back again, count on it!!!

Oh, I noticed they also sell on Ebay but the prices are much 

higher because of those darn fee's Ebay charges, so from now

on I am buying directly from their online store here,

www.HajeksHobbys.com (MTH-BUTTONS-TRAINS-PINS.COM)







Buyer: Charles E.

I am back, and this time i am buying 3 more of these really cool

Midget Racers, especially duting this super sale, i saved $30 on

each car!!! With prices and quality this awesome, i will...

Be back again, count on it!!!

Oh, I noticed they also sell on Ebay but the prices are much 

higher because of those darn fee's Ebay charges, so from now

on I am buying directly from their online store here,

www.HajeksHobbys.com (MTH-BUTTONS-TRAINS-PINS.COM)







Buyer: Charles E.

These are some of the best looking, very detailed and nicely

restored Midget Racers i have ever purchased. If you are looking

for a Great Midget Racer, then you found the shop, HajeksHobbys

& MTH Collectibles restores & custom manufactures some of the 

best. I will be back to buy more!!!







Buyer: Joe K.

Great sellers bordering on artists, I custom ordered a "Rat Fink"

themed Lotus F1






Buyer: Charles E.

Absolutely wonderful running & looking Midget Racers, very detailed

 and nicely restored Midget Racers i have ever purchased.

I bought two and will be back to buy more!!!







Buyer: Charles E.

This is 1 of 2 Great running & looking Midget Racers I just bought,

recevied them very well packaged, also very detailed (even little 

metal caps on the spark plug wires!!!). I can't wait to buy a few

 more as these are some of the best i have ever purchased.

I bought this 1 and 1 other and will be back to buy more!!!








Buyer: Steve C. C.

Great seller, Highly recommended, great communication,

always replies pretty quickly, great detail in all their work and

they stand behind their products, what you see is what you get so

their videos for the best look at what your getting





Great products, large selection, something for everyone and they always provide fast, safe, well packaged shipping. A+ 5-Star Sellers and a pleasure to deal with, be it text, email of phone. 

Feedback is 100 to 499
Feedback is 100 to 499
Feedback is 100 to 499

Feedback is 100 to 499

Feedback is 100 to 499








Buyer: Joe K.

Best packagaing work in the world!!!

Such a wonderful Depth Charger, I ordered a custom "Rat Fink"

themed one, well done.

Custom order, it takes some time

but you end up with a true work of art





"Always a joy to get a new edition from Hajeks Hobbys"



Buyer: Charles E.

Nice custom Ford Jalopy to add to my collection, always well packaged, Free handcrafted real wood display was kind.





Comments & Feedback from some  2021

5 Star Seller!!!



Buyer: Charles E.

Fast shipping, well packaged, another great addition to my collection


Buyer: Joe K.

Best packagaing work in the country, wonderful custom Depth Charger II


Buyer: Chris S. C.

Great seller, Highly recommended, always takes time to ensure everything

is perfect and as pictured or in their videos





Hawk 1939 Mercedes Benz (W163) Grand Prix Racer Indianapolis 500 'Brickbuster' 1/24 Scale Slot Car


moora1v (740)

AWESOME!!! You’re very talented.

Fantastic Mercedes Indy Car.




Monogram Indianapolis 500 Racer, 1/24 Scale Slot Car


agiftmacher3d 374Feedback is 100 to 499

Great product. Fast shipment. A+ seller. Pleasure to deal with.





Comments & Feedback from some February 2018

5 Star Seller 02-2018



Buyer Member id dluxdaddy81

Fast and exact!

Buyer: Member id 715hawthorne01


Buyer: Member id keith2453 

Great seller. Highly recommended 

Buyer: patri.micha

Easy to work with and great communication!! Nice stuff.

Buyer: robus.nllqo

Thank you I was looking for it this kid is very happy now definitely recommend

Buyer: Member id parkapt21006

perfect item+seller/shipping was fast/packed safely-looking for more-tks

Buyer: Member id rmsil0599

Very fast shipping 






It SAID "RUNS GOOD", I got the cars and they RUN GREAT =)

The seller seems to understate the cars which is actually a nice suprise as i have gotten other slot cars that promised all kinds of options, features and details and the first time on the track something breaks or the car needs some lube to get going, i can honestly say that these were all oiled and preped, really ready to go out of the box.


Prompt shipping; really very well packed; and everything was as described


5 stars AA+++


Debbie Barnett, User Name: debbie3400



I will be back to MTH Collectibles for more as i think i bought half a dozen of these similar cars and at a great price, $29 to $39 each plus shipping.


Bad to the bone

Hello MTH Collectibles


I spent a lot on a dragster and it should have been called "Bad to the Bone", it is really cool, instead of what the decals said "Bad Medicine" it should have been called Bad to the Bone, plus the skeleton driver was a nice touch ;) Everything was super custom and I like that there are little videos of the cars running on a track so you know you are getting something that works!!! i have seen pictures that look great and then i get the slot car and it's not so hot, so thank you MTH Collectibles, and please keep taking the time to add videos of as many cars as you can.


As for shipping, it was so well packed it took me 20 minutes to get to it; everything else was as described or better, really cool, can't wait to see the new dragsters you are working on.


Definitely a 5 star hobby shop


Thanks B.B.




Fairly nice WRC car, REALLY SUPER BRITE HEADLIGHTS, I am enjoying it just watching it on my track in the dark, yes i have to find one mirror that was noted as missing but that is a small price to pay to get the car i wanted.


I have seen slightly better versions of this car but they have all been way more $$$ and the shipping was outrageous. I have to say that MTH Collectibles charges the bare minimum, i added it up and there was maybe an extra 75 cents or so which i would imagine goes towards the cost of boxes, tape, lables, ink, wrapping materials,etc so i can't complain.


The car was packed like Fort Knox, 3 layers, somekind of soft paper, bubble wrap, and foam peanuts in the cardboard box, so it came pretty much perfectly shipped, so thanks guys I will buy again when you have some more rally cars


RC J.Bell,

User Name:recjbell1984



Thanks Guys


WINNER - DT Matson, enjoy your GT Class Ferrari F-430 Challenge 1/32 Scale Slot Car from MTH Collectibles!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to D.T. Matson of Fenton, Michigan, the WINNER of the Ferrari F-430 Slot Car raffle!!!


GT Class Ferrari F-430 Challenge 1/32 Scale Slot Car from MTH Collectibles.


Check out more slot cars at our online store and watch for up coming promotions.




MTH Collectibles

Ferrari F-430

I purchased a few basic cars for $29.99 each for my sons to play with and did not expect this. About a month later i got a box with this great looking Ferrari in a nice display case and I was told I was the winner of the contest!!! Honestly I didn't even know i entered it, it was that simple, I will definitely buy more slot cars from MTH Collectibles and Hajek's Hobby's again. Thanks for the free car, even shipping was free, WOW what a great experience, Thank you MTH Collectibles.


I am keeping this one for myself as i know the kids would crash it =/


Thank You again for the suprise, and the slot car.


I told my wife that the kids can pack it up for me as one of my Father's day gifts, so they know to keep their hands off and i can now race with them.


Thanks Again


D.T. Matson


Purchased 2 Porsche 997's, both excellent.

Thank you for the partial shipping refund.

Very trust worthy vendor Excellent.

Really quick and carefully packaged, 100% satisfied




Thank You for find the car's and for communicating with me.


William Kennedy


Thanks MTH Collectibles


Purchased a custom Classic 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Slot Car –Revell Chassis on Vintage Lindberg Body, great work and craftsmanship.


Great Deal Great Service A++++++++


Thank You for find the perfect car for me


bienlaw - Bien Attorney's at Law


Thanks MTH Collectibles


Thank You MTH Collectibles


Lots of info on the car and very well packaged.


Fast shipping thx smooth transaction A+++




Tim - tgom6068


"We were referred to mth-buttons-trains-pins by a friend and were extremely pleased with the product quality and customer service received."


Fast fast shipping thx smooth transaction AAAAAAAAA++++++++


We definitely plan to buy from www.mth-buttons-trains-pins.com in the near future!




Daniel Kilgore

Thank You


Good solid car, runs great, and seems to be wonderfully assembled and has lots of detail, not some cheap stamped Chinese slot car.


It might be a kit, and i would not want to do it myself, but this slot car is great, everything was perfect, runs great.


Thanks MTH Collectibles


Hisamichi Fujimura

Excellent site, don't need to be a member.

No issues.

Everything was perfect.


Great communication from a Shop that truly cares


Highly recommended :-)




Doty Carr

Great deal, wonderful flowers, fast and safe shipping, and I was even given a extra plant with my order.


I hope to deal with you again.


Thank you.


Elizabeth Zink

I found mth-buttons-trains-pins from a link on eBay and found that they take PayPal, and other payments. The product was actually cheaper on this site, thank you for a pleasurable experience!


I will enjoy my Ferrari slot car for years to come.


Buy from - MTH Collectibles - www.mth-buttons-trains-pins.com again because of lower prices, free shipping and monthly specials.




Mike J.C.

I also found mth-buttons-trains-pins from a link on eBay and it was very easy to pick what i wanted, put the item in my cart as a guest, i didn't have to sign up for anything, and check out was very easy. Great seller....5 stars......wonderful site.


Keep an eye on mth-buttons-trains-pins for monthly specials and unique items.




No Fear 00

I  am a truck driver and i have been looking for this truck for some time and I finally found it at mth-buttons-trains-pins.


Checkout was really easy and I used my PayPal I didn't have to sign up for anything, and check out was very easy. Great seller.


Thanks MTH Collectibles



Good craftsmanship, solid seller. Ferrari F430 Challenge "Dont Tread On Me" #7 - Sunfire Yellow 1/32 Slot car.


I will definitely buy again.


John Greenway

I found mth-buttons-trains-pins from a flyer from a item i purchased from MTH on eBay, i didn't have to sign up for anything, and check out was very easy. Great communication, wonderful seller, 5+  stars.


Keep an eye on mth-buttons-trains-pins was the only place i was able to find these cables for my All In Wonder graphics card for a reasonable price, I will definitely buy from MTH again.




Raymond, NYC

Very handy online store, back again to get another car.

Ferrari F-430 Challenge in beautiful Ferrari Ross Red Metallic Clearcoat.


Really fast shipping, great quality, wonderful store.


John Greenway

Amazing person to deal with, love my new slot car =)

Ninco Honda NSX – “Paul Walker” Tribute Car with GODZILLA GREEN HEADLIGHTS, 1/32



Unbelieveable car, really customized and unique, great deal!!!


Solid store, Really Fast shipping, thanks for the smooth transaction.

Custom Ferrari F-430 in White with Italian stripes and lights (1 of 2)


John C.

Exactly as described - perfect transaction


Scalectrix FORD TAURUS STOCK CAR #48 "UNITYPROJECT.COM" Slot Car - 1/32nd

Really fast shipping, great quality, easy to use online store, PayPal accepted!



Back again!

The first car is GREAT, so i am buying another, can't wait to see what is next.


Fast shipping again, thanks for the smooth transaction AAAAAAAAA++++++++

Ferrari F430 Challenge "Don't Tread On Me" #4 - Magnetic Blue 1/32 Slot car


Daniel Kilgore

Great store, Wonderful easy to use cart.

Will be back for more.

SCALEXTRIC – 1/32 Scale – Porsche 962C Car #1 ROTHMANS Slot Car – 1986 LeMan



Yup, Back again, seriously, these are great cars, I would not want to have to build them myself, it looks like a lot of time to build, so I am buying another.


Great site, GREAT CARS, Great service.


Fast shipping again, thanks for another smooth transaction AAAAAAAAA++++++++

Ferrari F430 GT2 Slot Car - White w/Italian Flag Stripe & custom decals(Tribute)


Daniel Kilgore

Great Store, Fast Shipper and easy to use store and shopping cart!

Scalextric – Hornby - Toyota Corolla WRC #3 Racing/Rally Car - 1/32 - Slot Car



Fast and easy transaction, my husband loved the slot car.



Thank you, sincerely Pam


Good Store, I like the online store, easy to use PayPal to checkout!!!

FLY GB TRACK – LANCIA BETA MONTE CARLO Slot Car #53 - 1/32 Scale(1980 Race Ed.)




Great Online Store, this is my second purchase, and I am sure to buy again.

Fast shipping, easy purchase using paypal, GREAT!!!




Good craftsmanship on restored body.

Solid Online Store!

Well packaged and sent in a timely manner.


You can use "Guest" check out and you don't have to sign up or put in any information.

Another great purchase from MTH, Thanks!


Green Joe

I now have a unique and interesting car now, Super!!! Megacool!!!

Good Online Store, Easy To Use.

Shipped VERY FAST!!!!!

Great way to take a car that is made by the millions and make it special.

Really great decals and decorations.


Ty Gurah the 4th

Excellent Online Store, and you don't even have to be a member!

No issues, easy checkout.

Highly recommended :-)




XBOX360 MtZ 2012

Thank you MTH Collectibles!


I didn't know what to think. When I first got to your site, it looked like all toy cars, but after looking around I found my tablets, electronics, flowers, and much more, what a great diverse online store.


These OTC Asthma tablets are almost impossible to get anymore, my local Walgreens, Target, Shopko and other pharmacies have just STOPPED carrying this and all the pharmacist can tell me is to go to my doctor and get a prescription??? That is terrible as I would have to take time off of work, pay the co-pay which is almost what these cost me from this site, then wait for the prescription to be called in, then pay my co-pay, and finally I have my Asthma pills, well that is just plain crazy to me, so I want to say THANK YOU MTH Collectibles for offering a great product right to my door step in a fast and professional manor, I will definitely stay stocked up and this is the site I will start with.

Thank you again and it was a pleasure buying from you.


Primatene Tablets 24 Pills Broncholdilator Guaifenesin Expectorant Asthma



Fair price, FREE and quick delivery with great service!!!                                          12-10-2014


These Primatene Tablets work great for my asthma, thank you so much for offering this hard to find product.

Fast and easy to use online store with no need to make some kind of login, or profile, very easy, just clicked on the item and it went to my cart, paid using PayPal and I ott the item in just a few days!


Terry Helms

Great price, quick delivery and great service, thanks MTH!!!


Primatene Tablets 24 Pills Broncholdilator Guaifenesin Expectorant Asthma

Fast and easy to use online store and PayPal is accepted!



Very Honest and Fast !!! Great Customer Service As Well !

Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.

Primatene Tablets 24 Pills Broncholdilator Guaifenesin Expectorant Asthma





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