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Customized and unique slot  Cars peaking the market

At HajeksHobbys and MTH Collectibles we envision, design, handcraft, construct, paint, and produce some of the worlds most exclusive slot cars. The market is migrating towards specialty and custom slot cars as anyone can get in the game and buy a fairly good slot car for $60 to $100 however this type of purchase only get’s you on the track and everyone will know what your car is capable of and if they want they know that they can purchase the same car just about anywhere. If you step up to the track with something like special or a custom build slot car you will develop a completely different persona and chances are that others will want what you have, but knowing all the “Made in China” slot cars and you will be the talk of the track for not much more than the cost of a higher end cookie cutter slot car that anyone can buy from Carrera, Ninco, Scalextric, and others.

We offer many special custom build slot cars as well as the ability to work with one of our sales people to custom build a car of your choosing right down to color, livery’s, and powertrain. Keep an eye on our online store and website for new products as there is always something special for sale waiting for you.




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  • Porsche911 (Tuesday, May 05 15 07:48 pm EDT)

    What to do now that BBC has run Top Gear into the ground?

Hot rods hit the slots

Here is a sample of one of our T’Rantula Dragsters with a 26k motor, wide drag tires, and lots of extreme details. These should not really be considered toys or regular slot cars, they are really rare works of functional art. This in itself is rare as most art just hangs there, and you are leery to move it. With our master craftsmen putting in upwards of 100+ hours designing, constructing, & fitting them and our graphic designers painting and creating custom livery’s for these dragsters. They use modern technology and easy access ports to change tires, pick-ups, and even motors. With  that said, we provide great dragsters & other cars at extremely fair prices so that every serious collector can have a chance at owning one, visit us soon.



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Vintage Slot Cars—Old Junk, or a super prize worthy of bragging rights???

They might be old but in this day and age of plastic made anywhere but in the USA slot cars that tend to break the first few times you run them these become vintage and rare not to mention sturdy and reliable. Yes they don’t have fancy lights and digital switches but they have big powerful motors, good strong chassis with huge tires to keep them on the track and if you can find one then you are in for a treat. You may need to have it restored, or provide it with some TLC as most of these are 50 to 70 years old however that doesn’t mean they don’t work. I most cases these can be made to run just as fast or faster than expensive, fancy digital cars but without the worry of a part breaking or falling off, these were made during a time when slot cars were made to last, to run, and most importantly, to enjoy them and have fun. MTH Collectibles and HajeksHobbys has experts that search for cars like this and have the ability to strip down, clean, restore them and make them something that you can be proud to own. This also comes with the added bonus of having something that your friends or fellow collectors/slotters can’t just run down to the local hobby shop and pick one up and that gives you some serious bragging rights in addition to hours and hours of fun. We do take on commissions and find something similar for you so you to can join the elite club of vintage slot car collectors. So just because it’s old, that doesn’t mean it’s useless so hit our online store for easy shopping, you never know what you may find.


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  • vipershardware (Wednesday, March 11 15 05:34 pm EDT)

    Lots of really great slot cars, if you click on the right you can browse through many different selections of cars, so check them out and buy something cool.

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Hello, and welcome to HajeksHobbys & MTH Collectibels, we sell many of our products on eBay but due to high eBay fees the prices on eBay are far higher, which is why we paid for our own secure online store here so you could buy directly and save on our products as we dont have to pay the high eBay fees here, only PayPal fees, so you know your purchase is safe & secure with PayPal protection and the best price possible on our products. Enjoy buying directly & save money.

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Slot Car Design & Building or Restoration isn't as easy as you may think, watch the documentary below:


Here is a little about our online store:

Proudly Made in America for over 25 Years, at Hajeks Hobbys & MTH Collectibles, we carry and sell a wide selection of products from Slot Cars, Trains, Buttons, Pins, and more. If you don't see it, ask us about what your looking for (email us at HajeksHobbys@Hotmail.com). We diligently test every item and carefully package it to ensure you get what you ordered safely.


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1.    No returns accepted, all sales are final. We take great pride that what you see in the pictures and the video (See our YouTube Channel or Use the YouTube Link in each items Description) is what you get.


2.    We additionally spend a lot of money on packaging, fragile labels, Bubble wrap, Foam & other insulating protective materials as well as various packing tape, padding and any additional material needed to ensure we have done everything possible on our end to ensure that your item(‘s) are properly and safely ready for shipping.


3.    If there is any issue then it must be taken up with the shipper (IE: UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc) and any insurance or protection must be requested prior to the completion of the sale so we may provide the additional costs of these services that shippers may offer. 1. Read the description completely, and please ask any questions prior to buying/bidding. 2. Watch the YouTube video of the item to see what you are getting in action, we spend a lot of time, money and effort to make these videos to help you see exactly what you are getting, how it performs and what you can expect, Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay up to date on any new items we offer for sale. 3. We reserve the right to cancel a purchase or sale if the buyer has abused any of our or our distributor’s policies in the past.


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